Health concerns in developing countries are primarily focused towards the young and the general adult groups.
Not too many health companies are geared towards the care of the elderly population. Geriatrica International,
Inc. has invisioned its trust to this particular matter and has been registered with the Securities and Exchange
Commision in November 6, 2001.


We are, at the forefront, a marketing and distribution company of quality nutraceutical products for the elderly
care. But as we have grown for the past 5 years, we have extended our services not only to the elderly group,
but to most of the members of population as well.


We have currently positioned our company strategically in the Philippine healthcare in terms of patient education
and disease prevention. And we aim to capture a sizeable share in the growing domestic nutraceutical market.
The company's long term goal is to lead the industry in technology, quality and service with innovative products.


Geriatrica International, Inc. boasts of its highly competent team composed of medical doctors, product
developers, marketing analysts, researchers, and information technology personnel's from which the company
draw its strength.

Geriatrica International, Inc., a Filipino-owned nutraceutical company endeavors:


- to be recognized as a global player serving consumers and health professionals through distinctive and effective medicines and providing educational programs;

- to create and add value to its products and services by constantly pursuing innovations to benefit its consumers, employers, employees, suppliers, investors, and health professionals;

- to identify new products and optimize its product development to bring only the best and most effective health products to the market it serves;

Geriatrica International, Inc. will become a viable and winning partnership among its employers, suppliers, health professionals, investors, and consumers.

We, at Geriatrica International, Inc., believe that every individual is entitled to enjoy a QUALITY LIFE,
unhampered by harmful diseases. We will provide an environment where consumers are cared for physically,
socially and emotionally.


We will provide QUALITY, yet AFFORDABLE health products and services and undertake to educate consumers on
how to properly address and prevent diseases the NATURAL way.


We believe in getting things done through DEDICATION, HARDWORK, and TEAMWORK and with DIVINE
GUIDANCE, we will work together with joy in the pursuit of our objectives.

It is widely believed that additional vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements are unnecessary if we
eat sensibly. However, while a healthy diet will almost always form the backbone of any nutritional approach to
achieving better health and combating disease, these are several reasons why supplements may be helpful even
for those who eat healthily.


Scientific studies have shown that nutritional deficiencies are surprisingly common. Modern day deficiencies are
undoubtedly related to the food type and quality. Many of the foods available at the supermarkets are relatively high
in fat, sugar, and salt, yet low in health-giving elements such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Even fresh fruits
and vegetables may be worryingly low in nutrients as a result of poor soil, poor food processing, preparation methods,
prolonged storage and transportation time, and the use of pesticides.


This website provides information about the tools you have at hand, which can be followed alongside your doctor's
advice, to make your body feel better, stronger, more energetic, healthier throughout your lifetime.


Your health is basically up to you,
Good health.. God bless!


Dr. Edwin Bien

- UST College of Medicine

- International Training in Naturopathic Medicine

- Medical Director/Owner of Le Bien Wellness Center


Dr. Ma. Eliza Raymundo

- UP College of Medicine

- Surgical Residency at PGH

- Special Sub Training at Duke's Medical Center

- Active Consultant PGH


Dr. Allan Romero

- UST College of Medicine

- IM Residency at JRRMMC

- Cardiology Fellowship at UST

- Active Consultant UST


Dr. Joseph Inkee

- UST College of Medicine

- Ophthalmology Residency at UST

- Active Consultant Fatima, MCU


Dr. Jose Paolo de Castro

- UST College of Medicine

- Residency Training Ospital ng Maynila

- Training Officer Department of Family and Community Medicine – OM

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